Thru-Air Dryer (TAD)

Kansan Materials TAD is an energy-efficient through-air dryer.


Drying is an indispensable process where hydroentanglement is used for mechanical bonding. The web after KM Hydrojet, even if it is dewatered with superior suction, is still fairly damp and needs to be dried out for further processing

Innovative Features of Kansan Materials Dryers:

Energy-efficient Through-Air Dryer

The equipment stands out with the following features

Easy Accessibility

Even Airflow

Web Consistency


Homogenous Temperature

Quick and Even Web Drying

High Energy Efficiency

Heat Recovery System

450 m/min Mechanical Speed

Kansan Materials high capacity Thru-Air Drum Dryers are installed in wet forming lines thanks to their high evaporation capacity. It’s suitable for evaporation from 30-80 gsm nonwovens composed of 20% viscose 80% wood pulp.

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