Kansan Materials Winders / Slitter Rewinders


Slitter winder is the latest step of the NW production process. The web that comes out of the line is winded over a cardboard or metal shaft. When the desired diameter is reached then the shaft is removed from the process and the new shaft is placed on the winder area. This change-over takes place non-stop at the line’s maximum running speed.

Winders Features

The main features of Kansan Materials Slitter Winders

Changeable winding direction

Automatic roll doffing and cross cutting

Automatic shaft change

Non-stop operation

High grip drum coatings

Shear tangential slitting system

Finished reel & winding shaft handling

Bowed spreader roll

Trim suction system

Rotary slitters

450 m/min Mechanical Speed

KM-Slitter Winder is also equipped with longitudinal slitting blades that allow the slitting of full web width into narrower webs. The process is fully servo-driven and makes sure the finished rolls have the same tension and tightness throughout the winding process.

0 gsm
Product Weight
0 mm
Product Width
Ø 0 mm
Finished Reel
0 mm
Slitting Width
Ø 0 "
Winding Shaf
0 m/min
Line Speed

* Different basis weights can be confirmed after samples evaluation

** Max operating speed and finished reel diameter is strictly related to the product properties, widths and cardboard cores Ø