Hydroentanglement is a very fast and effective web bonding technology


Hydroentanglement is a very fast and effective web bonding technology and the next process for wet lacing and spunlace. High-pressure water jets are used. The water is sprayed through the web on the mesh belts for fibers to entangle mechanically. The number of jets, and amount of pressure are critical for perfect entanglement.

This method allows the bonding of light and heavy webs of even up to 3-4 layers of natural or synthetic fibers.

Hydroentanglement has a wide range of application areas such as in wetlaid, wetlaid-spunlace, spunlace, carded, crosslapped, spunlaid nonwovens

Typical Applications

KM-HydroJet is a piece of excellent equipment for the hydroentanglement process. It shines out with its changeable and configurable jet heads per the application and customer needs, versatility, user-friendliness, ease of maintenance and reasonable ROI.

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450 m/min Mechanical Speed

0 gsm
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* The production capacity of the proposed equipment depends on the production parameters such as: fineness and nature of the fibres, product width, weight in g/m² and draft in the line under different working conditions. Production and performance levels are influenced by factors out of the control of the machine manufacturer, such as the fibre selection, the environmental conditions (humidity, temperature …), the experience, training and skill of the operators, and correct settings for each product. All information is given in metric units.