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Nonwovens have become extensively usable in the field of Automotive

Like in almost every field, nonwovens have become extensively usable in the field of Automotive in recent years. Many automotive parts such as carpets filters or liners are being made by nonwovens.

The use of nonwovens helps decrease the overall weight of cars, increases comfort and durability. Some types of nonwovens have resistant characteristics against heat, abrasion. Overall these features make cars safer, more sustainable and cost-effective in the production process.

Thanks to their versatility and durability nonwovens are being actively used in the production of other vehicles like boats, airplanes, trains, even spacecraft and satellites.

Applicable nonwoven technologies for automotive and transport applications are as follows, drylaid, spunlaid, meltblow, needlepunching, thermobonding hydroentanglement

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